Does Backfill Migration Disappear on its Own?

Filler migration is the movement of a dermal filler from the injection site to another area of the body. While it is possible for fillers to migrate, this side effect is extremely rare and can be avoided by choosing a qualified injector. Filler migration is defined as the process of spreading or “migrating” the dermal filler away from the injection site. Some professionals believe that due to the way the mouth is constantly contracting, this can lead to migration of the filling over time.

Fillers that are injected incorrectly or are not suitable for the lips may end up migrating off the vermilion rim, resulting in a “trout mouth” or “duck lip” appearance. When it comes to HA, “there is no such thing as the best hyaluronic acid filler, but there are some that are more susceptible to certain areas of the face to reduce lumping, bumps and migration, Dr. And the number of videos about fillers that seemingly move out of place proves that it's more common than many of us think. He explains that excessive use of dermal filler on the face can result in a “squirrel” style face, the opposite of what most patients seek.

Some injection techniques with buzzing, such as the tent and Russian lips, which create more volume in the center of the lips for a heart-shaped appearance, promise to limit the incidence of displaced filling. While an inflammatory response is not as common as poor technique or excess product as the reason behind filling that extends beyond the lips, it can occur. To see if this was the case, he used hyaluronidase (a dermal filler solvent) and almost miraculously the eye lumps disappeared. Although a severe immune system response to a refill is not related to the injector technique, it can often be avoided by undergoing a thorough evaluation of the patient's intake.

We suggest that you only consider receiving dermal filler treatment at an accredited medical clinic that has a team of highly trained and experienced aesthetic doctors and aesthetic nurses. He warns that the Cosmetic Medicine industry may be driven purely by money and profit making, which can result in patients being unconsciously coerced to receive more dermal filler treatments. The filler can treat signs of aging by smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines, restoring loss of volume to the face and plumping the skin. We also see patients who have been added too much filler under the eyes, which can lead to the appearance of lumps, since the skin in this area is exceptionally thin.So does backfill migration disappear on its own? The answer is no; it does not go away without intervention.

If you have experienced filler migration, it is important to seek professional help from an experienced aesthetic doctor or nurse who can assess your situation and provide you with appropriate treatment options.